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Various Types Of Cannabis Concentrates: Facts You Need To Know

types of cannabis concentrates

Cannabis is a complicated plant. Despite the advances we have made in terpene research and understanding the endo-cannabinoid mechanism, it is still only grasped a small portion of the ways that this plant interacts with us and the reasons. Combine the multilayered power plant with the many modern technological advancements–and then add the enthralling consumer base you’ve got a […]

What Are Dabs? A Comprehensive Guide To Vaping’s Hottest New Trend

What Are Dabs? A Comprehensive Guide To Vaping's Hottest New Trend

What are Dabs? People might first think of “dabbing” when they hear the phrase, It is a dance move that originated in Atlanta and was popularized later by Cam Newton, a football star who called “the dab”, his trademark touchdown celebration. However, marijuana culture refers to dabbing as a slang term for the act of […]

How To Make Shatter Like A Master

how to make shatter

You’ve probably heard of “Shatter” if you love marijuana but haven’t gotten your head out of the sand in the last few years. It is also known as wax or dabs. Perhaps you have even smoked the stuff. It’s incredible if you have. But how to make it? You might have had to pay a high price for it […]