What Are Cannabis Vape Pens?

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What are cannabis vape pens? 

Hey Imperial buddies! Hope you’re having a wonderful day, evening, or night depending when you’re reading this! 

Let’s get straight into it! I want to discuss cannabis pens and why they’re so great! 

What are vape pens?

There are various types of pens, but let’s focus on cannabis vapes today! Cannabis vapes turn CBD or THC oil into vapour! These vaporization devices are engineered to heat up your concentrates which ranges from 180 to 190 degrees celsius. Compared to smoking whether it’s a pre roll, through a bong or pipe, this tends to burn off more terpenes and minor cannabinoids present in flower! 

What’s so great about them?

Having a cannabis vape pen is so convenient! Whether you want to take a quick puff before bed to relax and chill out or if you’re out at a social event and need to calm your nerves for whatever reason, just toss it in your purse or pocket and you’re good to go! 

I know I’ve had days where my anxiety just takes over and it’s such a stress reliever knowing I can step away for seconds to take a quick puff to calm me down! It’s honestly the greatest thing that has happened to me! Me personally, I like quick and easy methods and with the pens I don’t have to worry about going outside and smoking or going through the process of rolling a joint or packing my pipe up! 

Are you a beginner?

If you are a beginner to smoking cannabis and want to try it out, but feel unsure about it, a pen is a great start! Start with a small puff (the longer puffs you take the more vapour you inhale) ‘Ease your way into it! Start off slow and wait for your body to react and see how you feel! 

PRO TIP: The longer you hold the vapour or smoke in the more effective the cannabis will be! 

Now, you’re probably wondering that’s great information, but where can I get some?! Look no further! We offer a variety of flavours on our site! 

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