What Are Cannabis Terpenes and How Are They Effective

Cannabis aromas

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Ever wondered why certain strains have different smells and flavours? There are over 100 different types of terpenes found in cannabis plants as a result, this effects the aroma as well as the taste! 

Read on to find out more about these different types of terpenes and what aromatic flavours they have!

Cannabis Terpenes and Their Aromas

Terpenes are natural chemical compounds that are found in plants. In other words, cannabis terpenes these are what makes certain strains smell (their aromas) or taste different. 

What’s one of the first things you do when you purchase and open a new bag of bud? Take a deep inhale and smell the beautiful aroma that it has. Similarly, like going to a candle store and smelling all the different scents!



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What are the different types of terpenes?

There are 100’s of different terpenes that are found in cannabis plants. Most importantly, these are the most popular ones found in cannabis plants:

  • Beta-caryophyllene. A major ingredient in cloves, rosemary, and hops, beta-caryophyllene is beneficial for managing symptoms of anxiety and depression.
  • Beta-pinene. This terpene is found mostly in “woody” aromatic strains, which could also have potentially both anti depressant and anti cancer properties.
  • Humulene. This terpene is found in ginseng, which has long been used in folk medicine for energizing effects. You can find this terpene in floral aromatic strains.
  • Limonene. One of the most commonly found terpenes, limonene has a distinct citrus smell and can be found in fruity flavoured strains.
  • Myrcene. Found in mangoes, myrcene has antifungal and antibacterial properties and have sedating effects.
  • Camophene: Has the potential to treat inflammation when oxidative stress is the control point and is well known to treat heart health and can be found in gassy aromatic strains.
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What are the different types of aromas?

  • Earthy: Earthy strains have that smell of fresh soil.  In addtion, earthy strains are often high in delta 3 carene and myrcene which combats systemic inflammationrepair diseased and damaged bones and is said to promote mental focus and concentration. 
  • Woody: Woody strains may smell like oak, cedar or pine. However, they will sometimes have the aroma of sweet, freshly cut wood. Pine strains are high in alpha- and beta- pinene while other woody strains are rich terpenes like humulene and borneol.

Popular aromas

  • Gassy: Gassy strains can range from that gassy fuel scent to a chemical scent that is certainly found in cleaning products! 
  • Spicy:  Spicy strains range from several spices. Above all, the most popular spice scents are the peppery kinds. You can find terpenes such as sabinene which is known to sooth problematic skin conditions, relieving arthritis pain, and aiding digestion. .
  • Fruit: There are several types of fruit scents within cannabis strains, but above all, citrus is one of the most common and my all time favourite! Citrus strains are high in limonene, a terpene that helps with digestion and mood. 

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