Top 10 Sativa Strains

Top 10 Sativa Strains

You have two options for cannabis plants: Indica Strains or Sativa Strains. The two are crossed to produce a hybrid strain, which is the third choice. Based on the THC content, different cannabis strains fall into each category. The marijuana strains that are considered to be the strongest were discussed in our prior study.

We’ll examine the most potent Sativa strains available in this article. Both Sativa and Indica cannabis are used for therapeutic and recreational purposes. We will provide answers to the questions of what Sativa strains are the strongest in this article. So choose the world’s most potent Sativa strain for your use by reading on to learn the answers.

High THC Sativa Strain

Sativa strains are renowned for their head high and other energetic, creative, and focus-enhancing properties. As a result, the issue of “what is the strongest sativa strain” has come up frequently. There is no denying that Sativas of marijuana are powerful and have high THC levels. However, there are other justifications for picking this strain over Indica.

They are renowned for giving you a high head high that calms your mind. This has been used by medical professionals to treat depression, stress, and anxiety. Due to the increase in creativity and focus, several people use it before starting their day’s activities.

You will gain from the low CBD and high THC levels if you select one of the most potent Sativa strain. THC, a psychoactive component, is widely used to distinguish between various cannabis strains. Undoubtedly, most of the most potent Sativa strain have a THC level of more than 20%.

It will keep you active all day long, in contrast to the majority of Indica strains that are linked to couchlock and a disoriented state of mind. If you take the correct dosage during the day, you’ll still be able to function normally and complete your everyday tasks.

Top 10 Sativa Strains

The strongest Sativa strain will be briefly discussed in this section. Some are exclusively Sativa, while others are hybrids with a high Sativa component. The highest THC Sativa strains are as follows:

1. Durban Poison

Durban Poison is the best Sativa for beginning the day, despite the fact that it may not be the strongest Sativa on the globe. A THC level of 22.4 on average can be expected to improve your energy and creativity, giving you the means to finish any task. It has a strong pine flavour and is quite aromatic. Whether you choose to dab or smoke it, you will be relieved of every discomfort, tension, and depression.

2. Sour Diesel

The name of this Sativa-dominant strain suggests that it has a strong diesel aroma. One of the Sativa strain with the highest THC content, and a head rush is Sour Diesel. You just need one dose to get an energizing, dream-like buzz that rapidly relieves joint pain and stress-related issues. Although it is renowned for its therapeutic uses, most consumers also use it for leisure activities. The THC content in sour diesel is roughly 26%.

3. Ghost Train Haze

Choose Ghost Train Haze if you want the most potent Sativa strain for creativity or energy. With a record-breaking 26% THC content, this Dankness Seeds marijuana strain is among the rarest ones available. However, the benefits that increase productivity make it worthwhile to be on our list, even though it may not be the strongest Sativa strain in 2022. It is ideal for both therapeutic and recreational purposes, but due to the cerebral high, it is also known to help with attention.

4. Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze is a sativa-dominant strain with a well-balanced high that meshes well with everyday activities. Regardless of wether you take it in the mornings or after work, you will enjoy the ideal experience. Amnesia haze, which has a reasonably high THC content of roughly 22%, is the greatest option for inexperienced and seasoned users.

5. Jack Herer

One of the few Sativa-dominant strains utilized globally is Jack Herer. With good performance and high resin production in both indoor and outdoor growth situations, it is simple to cultivate. The cheerful, happy, and euphoric head-high effects of the Jack Herer strain give you more energy and creativity to tackle any task. It works best for treating neurological and behavioural diseases.

6. Super Sour Diesel

The THC content of this strain, which ranges from 18% to 24%, is 100% Sativa. It is the outcome of the sour diesel and super silver haze blending. Super Sour Diesel inherits its diesel odour from its parents. Your discomfort and stress are known to vanish due to its effects, which also improve focus and creativity. It is among the strongest Sativa strain with significant levels of cerebral stimulation; thus, only seasoned users with high THC tolerances should use it.

7. Green Crack

Although Green Crack is largely Sativa dominant, it is not a 100% Sativa strain. This Sativa strain on our collection has a high THC content of up to 25% and is quite addicting. Arizona, Colorado, California, and the Pacific Northwest are places where it is typical. Because it causes a cerebral high that fosters creativity and raises happiness, green crack is the perfect drug for anxiety and depression. The increase in energy brought on by this Sativa strain can be helpful if you intend to take on a physically demanding endeavour.

8. Blue Walker

Blue Walker, a hybrid created by crossing Blue Dream and Skywalker, is 90% Sativa and barely 10% Indica. With a high THC content of 26% and a moderate CBD content of 4%, it is one of the finest Sativa strain. The scent of this is often pleasant and fruity. Depending on the dosage, the strain causes a headrush lasting several hours. Users usually mention feeling joyful, at ease, and rejuvenated. The calming properties of this strain can be used to treat chronic anxiety and disorders brought on by stress.

9. Purple Haze

Purple Thai and Haze strains were crossed to create Purple Haze, a Sativa-dominant strain. Purple Haze, one of the strongest haze strains, has a high THC content of 26% and provides an immediate, strong cerebral activation distinguished by creativity and attention. A body rush that emanates from the brain and permeates every area of your body will wash away all of your aches, tension, and despair.

10. Strawberry Cough

This strain is obvious by its name. It tastes mildly of strawberries with a thin aftertaste, and it has a pleasant strawberry scent. Even experienced stoners will cough at this. In addition, this breed’s high Sativa content has calming and relaxing qualities, making it excellent for treating patients with anxiety and tension.

Best Sativa strains at Imperial Bud

Finding the best sativa strains of all time might take a lot of work. And even if you do find one, the quality is uncertain. However, you can choose the strain that best suits your requirements from our list of the finest Sativa strain for experienced and new users.

We make sure you obtain the strong Sativa strain you require at Our high-THC Indica strains are carefully grown and cured to maintain the contents. You can find the strongest Sativa strain by visiting any of our dispensaries by placing your orders online at


What strain is 100% Sativa?

Red Panama. It was widely utilized until the 1990s, when this 100% Sativa strain initially gained popularity in the 1960s. Low THC levels are present in Panama Red, which is from that country.

What is a top shelf Sativa?

Top-shelf refers to an expensive, high-quality cannabis product that is frequently the only one on a menu. Top-shelf cannabis flowers will have a high cannabinoid content, an aesthetically pleasing look, and pleasant terpene scents and flavours.

What gets you more high, Indica or Sativa?

While Indica strains produce more of a body high, Sativa strains are more focused on the head high. The two are combined in hybrid strains. What you want to use it for will determine which one is best for you.

Is Sativa an upper or downer?

Cannabis Sativa strains typically boost you and leave you feeling “high.” Sativa strains mostly have high levels of limonene, which improves mood. However, there are cannabis strains that make you sleepy, like Indica.

Do stoners prefer indica or sativa?

Since Indica and Sativa have different effects, many stoners structure their days around their marijuana use. Many marijuana users will tell you that indica weed promotes better sleep and a more mellow, subdued high. They claim that Sativa marijuana has the opposite effect.


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