How To Make Shatter Like A Master

How To Make Shatter Like A Master

You’ve probably heard of “Shatter” if you love marijuana but haven’t gotten your head out of the sand in the last few years. It is also known as wax or dabs. Perhaps you have even smoked the stuff. It’s incredible if you have.

But how to make it? You might have had to pay a high price for it in a dispensary. Now you may be wondering how you can make your own. Although there are many ways to extract the resinous trichomes of cannabis plant matter from your marijuana plants, the most popular method is “BHO” (butane-hashed oil).

This guide will show you how to extract butane solvent from BHO. The BHO process is dangerous. It is difficult to make it indoors and can lead to your house falling off its foundation. However, BHO can be done relatively safely, provided you exercise caution.

Equipment You Need

Gathering your supplies is the first step. You’ll need the following:

  1. Uncut marijuana, one ounce
  2. an “extraction tube.”
  3. At least one butane canister
  4. A coffee filter
  5. An electric range and double boiler
  6. Pyrex dish
  7. Parchment paper, cut into strips
  8. Single-edged Razor Blades
how to make shatter

The Process

Make sure you have all the necessary tools at your disposal. Once your weed is ground, let it rest for a while. It should be dried but not too fresh. You should get about 3.5 grams if you put an ounce of the concentrate into your extractor. The amount of concentrate you get will depend on the number of crystals in your buds. Some BHO extractors can produce up to 20% yield.

Step 1

Fill the extractor with a small pot to continue making. These “honey oil” extractors are available at most head shops. However, you can also make your own. Make sure that the marijuana is tightly packed but not too tight. Air pockets are not desirable, but the butane should be able to saturate the marijuana thoroughly.

Step 2

The extractor’s one end should have a small hole. The other end should have a cap with multiple holes and an inner filter. The filter is included with store-bought extractors, but you can also use coffee filters to make your own. You can make concentrated marijuana by carefully spraying the butane slowly through the top hole. The bottom holes should let out a thick, green-gray-brown liquid into the Pyrex container.

Step 3

Place your double boiler on an electric heat source carefully. You should make sure the electric stove is working. Otherwise, you could risk starting a fire. Place the Pyrex container into the boiler’s top and let the liquid evaporate.

You must boil the solvent out of it before you can inhale it. This is dangerous for your lungs and potentially explosive. It will stop bubbling, and you’ll know that the process is complete.

Step 4. 

You will now have a thick, amber substance containing trace amounts of butane. Many feel that it is necessary to purge the solvent further before you can consume it. You can do this using a pressurized vacuum pump. Our grower’s process is as follows.

We vacuum purge all concentrates to remove any remaining liquid butane. This is done using a 3-cfm single-stage vacuum pump (two-stage units are not as efficient, so save your time). The BHO is placed on a thin layer of glass inside the chamber, and the air and butane are then sucked out by the pump. Again, to avoid oil burning, you must have a temperature gauge.

After the vacuum purge, you will be left with a clean, flavorful product.

Step 5. 

Use a razor blade or a spoon to scrape out the cannabis concentrates from the bottom of your container. Once it is done, place the container on parchment paper and let it cool. Because full-extract cannabis oil can be sticky, you may need to use more than one razor.

This is the quickest way to make THC wax. Now, you can smoke it!

Ways to Smoke

This is the purest form of cannabis extract. It is transparent and amber in appearance, with the highest concentration of terpenes of any concentrated extracts. It produces an intense high that lasts. So how do you smoke such potent weed? Two ways to smoke this concentrated form of marijuana are available. First, you can smoke it without a rig. The potency makes it so appealing it can often contain up to 80 percent of the cannabinoid content.

How to Smoke Using Rig

There are many ways to burn it, but the oil rig is the most widely used. A glass pipe with a similar appearance to a bong is an oil rig.

It contains a vertical chamber and a mouthpiece. This is where you can insert a small metal or glass nail.

Once the nail is reddened, use a metal dabber to scoop out a little and apply it to the nail. The oil will combust immediately, and you can inhale the smoke through the rig.

You’ll often find extra oil left on your nails after every dab. You have two options in this situation. First, you can blast the nail with a torch until all of it is gone. You can also wait until the goop starts to clog your rig.

You can then soak the pipe with alcohol. Boil the pipe until all alcohol has evaporated. Then, drain the oil and re-do it.

How to Smoke Without a Rig

No rig? It’s not a problem. There are many ways to smoke it and no rig is required.

You can start by filling your bowl with ground-up marijuana. Then, add a few drops to the pot. Fill the rest of the pipe with ganja and let it ignite when you are done.

This prevents an open flame from coming in contact. It also prevents the THC from being burnt before it can reach your lungs.

The joint is another option if you are looking for something else. Add oil to a joint after you have rolled it. Keep it from reaching the ends. You don’t want the flame interfering with it.

These two methods will likely make smoking easier for those new to the practice. All you need is a pipe, wax, paper, and weed.


What is shatter weed?

It is a cannabis extract which is translucent and solid. It can be smashed like glass. It is created by specific processing methods that use solvents such as butane and other hydrocarbons to achieve its glassy appearance. It is a concentrated form of essential compounds such as THC and CBD. It can be vaporized or dabbed in a compact, high-concentration form.

What does shatter look like?

It is a finished product that looks similar to a slab or maple syrup chip. Some types can be compared to honey or wax. This is why honey oil and budder are both used in the streets.

How to store shatter?

You have two options: seal a bag or place it and parchment paper in a jar. It would be best to store it in cool, dark and dry places, regardless of whether you plan to keep it for one week or several weeks. On the other hand, keep it in a refrigerator to protect it if you live in warm climates.

Will Shatter get you high?

The effects of it are greater than those of marijuana’s traditional form. It contains 60 percent of the THC found in marijuana, whereas it only has about 20 percent. As a result, users get a higher high and are more intoxicated.

What are the benefits of Shatter?

The main benefit of it is its strong, almost immediate effect. The cannabinoids can enter the bloodstream very quickly by dabbing or vaping. This allows them to deliver immediate therapeutic as well as psychoactive effects.

What are the synonyms for shatter?

It can be also known as wax, dabs


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