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What Does a Gram of Weed Look Like: Weights Chart, Prices and Tips

what does a gram of weed look like

What does a gram of weed look like? Cannabis is a flowering plant that may be used for both recreational and medical purposes. In this post, we’ll look at what cannabis looks like and provide a visual reference to assist you to understand cannabis quantities. What is are the measurements for a gram of weed […]

What To Look For When Buying Cannabis

how to find good weed

What to look for when buying from a weed store What to look for when buying cannabis? As cannabis legalization spreads throughout the world, an increasing number of people are looking to purchase weed legally. But with this new freedom comes a certain amount of confusion: what kind of cannabis should they buy? What’s the […]

What Are Cannabis Terpenes and How Are They Effective

Cannabis aromas

Hey Imperial buddies! Ever wondered why certain strains have different smells and flavours? There are over 100 different types of terpenes found in cannabis plants as a result, this effects the aroma as well as the taste!  Read on to find out more about these different types of terpenes and what aromatic flavours they have! […]

What Are Cannabis Vape Pens?

Vape Pens near me

What are cannabis vape pens?  Hey Imperial buddies! Hope you’re having a wonderful day, evening, or night depending when you’re reading this!  Let’s get straight into it! I want to discuss cannabis pens and why they’re so great!  What are vape pens? There are various types of pens, but let’s focus on cannabis vapes today! […]

Best Cannabis Strains for Pain Relief

Best Cannabis Strains for Pain Relief Hey Imperial buddies!  We’ve gathered a list of the Best Cannabis Strains for Pain Relief!  As a result, these strains will help you cope with and ease any ongoing pain that you are experiencing! Anyone suffering from pain can vouch for how uncomfortable and achy your body can become and […]