Monthly Archives: October 2020

How to Make Infused Cannabis CBD Honey

Prep time 30m Cooking time 40m A simple recipe to extract any cannabinoid of your choice. We love honey as a staple ingredient for our pantry. Not only is it super simple to make, it’s even easier to use. Baking, beverage sweetener and even a drop on the tongue. INGREDIENTS Hardware / Tools Sheet pan […]

New strains, gas picks – 10/10/2020

With the pandemic, Cannabis sales remain strong into October, stores and deliveries report, as anxieties mount from the pandemic, unemployment and boredom. People are now staying home to smoke up and preserving what’s left of their summer. No worries. Cannabis is only getting better with beautiful, flavorful, potent, and freshly lab-tested ganja flowers. Independently reported […]

How to make cannabis almond milk

Cannabis milk is a staple for anyone utilizing homemade cannabis edibles. Common uses are cereal, smoothies, or as an ingredient for baked goods. Unlike cannabis oil that is concentrated and highly calorie, cannabis milk has a higher water content and allows you to use greater volumes for the same cannabis concentration. However, due it its lower […]